Philly Soda Tax will Crush the Poor

By Jerry Rogers

In politics in most big cities – Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco – politicians turn on the very people who elect them.

Consider Mayor Jim Kenney’s outrageous, regressive proposal in Philly to tax soda at 3-cents-per-ounce! Who will end up paying the tax? Poor residents who can’t afford to travel outside the city. What’s great news for Jersey – “Tonight I’m gonna take that ride across the river to the Jersey side” – is tragic for Philly.

Ironically, Kenney opposed a similar tax when Mayor Nutter pushed for it in 2010 and 2011. Nutter’s bids failed. Now Kenney hopes his massive soda tax will raise $400 million in five years to pay for universal pre-K. What will happen to the pre-K program when the money doesn’t come in?

A soda tax will hurt Philly’s families and businesses, and it won’t fund universal pre-K. Those who have means will buy their soda elsewhere.

This unfair, unsustainable tax should be defeated.  Shame on Kenney – and all in the political class – for turning their backs on the people.


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