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GMO science vs. anti-GMO misanthropy.


By Jerry Rogers

The Journal of Animal Science has published in its October issue a new study confirming all other GMO science. It is one of the most important and comprehensive reviews on the topic.

My piece (below) takes a look at the science v. ideology challenge of GMO policy, and I offer a simple idea on how to reset the debate.

“You might think that environmentalists who make up the bulk of the anti-GMO movement would support GMO cultivation, with its greater yields and efficient use of farmland, as a great ecological victory. The key is that GMO science stands in the way of their Malthusian/anti-wealth ideology. More food produced on less land will only help to feed a larger and increasingly more affluent global population.” Read the rest here:

Yet Another Study Confirms GMOs Are Safe, So Why Are Bans Still Spreading, The Daily Caller, 9/30/2014


Jerry Rogers is vice president at the Institute for Liberty and the founder of Capitol Allies, an independent, nonpartisan effort that promotes entrepreneurship, economic growth, and free enterprise.