Our Approach


Six Degrees

This holistic approach is the core competency of Capitol Allies. Experience has taught us that the public conversation often lacks what James Madison called the “multiplicity of interests.” These interests surround our politics with the hope of influencing its outcome. Capitol Allies maps these interests—whether they are working in support or against any given issue—and acts strategically to accentuate the debate by connecting the contributions of these partial interests into a common purpose.

Capitol Allies is a boutique group experienced at marketing ideas, alliance building, fundraising, and strategic partnering. While our principals remain plugged into the interests being promoted and into those who are doing the promoting, our work is done outside the halls of power and without the usual beltway power brokers—our excellence is mapping and traveling on a network that creates a climate of opinion and policy that is supportive of our partner’s interests.

The Capitol Allies business model is built on relationships of trust with a wide and diverse group of journalists, media elite, thought leaders, and policy experts. Our specialty is creating those private and public forums that support our clients’ mission and the partial and collective interests to advance issues, whether it is a salon dinner, fundraising event, policy forum, or major Hill briefing.

Capitol Allies works to make sure good ideas turn into consequential results. Ideas have consequences, but we know that results matter more than good intentions. Capitol Allies employs a practical intelligence in its endeavors of tipping a debate or advancing the work of a client—our principals know what to say to whom and when to say it for maximum impact.

Practical Intelligence