Jerry Rogers on The C4 Show


Jerry Rogers joined the C4 show on January 13th … C4 started out the show talking with Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) about the Baltimore police / DoJ Consent Decree, and the 2017 Legislative Session. C4 then talked about Neil Cavuto’s gleeful reply to CNN’s fight with Donald Trump. Then it was the “Week In Review” where Jerry Rogers sat in for a two hour discussion on Rubio Vs Rex Tillerson , Jared Kushner, CNN and Fake news, and Obama’s final speech. Then it was the Friday Face Off with C4 and Derek Hunter.

Click here to listen to WBAL’s the C4 Show:  Jerry Rogers joins the C4 Show for the Week in Review

Philly Grocery Tax Goes Viral


The people of Philadelphia are suffering from sticker shock when they visit the grocery store. The City of Brotherly Love defied its residents by passing a huge grocery tax on most beverages, and they’re not happy about it. Images are going viral of receipts that show the 1.5 cent-per-ounce tax impacting the wallets of everyday Philadelphians … in many instances the taxes are more than the price of the drink.

The Philly Grocery Tax is a mistake. While Mayor Kenney pitched his grocery tax as needed to fund early childhood education, the truth is that nearly 20 percent of the tax revenue raised will go to other government programs and budget priorities.

“The magnitude of this tax is historic and Philadelphian consumers can’t afford it,” said David McCorkle, CEO of the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association.