Roberts-Stabenow: Sound Science/Free Enterprise


Sound Science Free Enterprise Biotech Labeling Bill (Click here for PDF)

Washington, DC –  Capitol Allies (CapAllies) applauds the United States Senate for passing a common-sense Biotech Labeling bill that will protect consumers, advance market-based principle, and support sound science.

CapAllies urges the House of Representatives to approve the legislation next week before the August recess.

Jerry Rogers, president and founder of Capitol Allies, made the following statement supporting the Roberts-Stabenow labeling bill as it moves to the House:

“We want to make it absolutely clear that this legislation will prevent the proliferation of costly, unconstitutional state-based labeling mandates. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are among the most analyzed subjects in science. With over 2,000 global studies affirming safety, the science over GM foods is unquestionably settled. The world’s most prestigious science, health, and academic institutions have confirmed and re-confirmed over again that GMO science does not pose a risk to our health, and GM foods are as safe and/or safer than conventional or organic foods.”

“If over 100 of the world’s leading scientists and Nobel Laureates can take a stand against those who actively campaign against the use of GM  crops, it is our hope that the House of Representatives will do the same by voting ‘yea’ on Roberts-Stabenow as soon as next week.”

“A patchwork of state-based labeling regimes would create mass confusion among consumers and cause food prices to skyrocket. Such state mandates would cause an explosion of big-government cronyism.”   

Capitol Allies was established to turn policy into practice. Our work is to advance ideas and policies supportive of free enterprise, economic growth, and sound science.

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Media Contact: Jerry Rogers 202.302.9783 /

 Jerry Rogers is the founder of Capitol Allies, an independent, nonpartisan effort that promotes free enterprise, and he’s the co-host of  The LangerCast on the RELM Network.

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