Congress Must Return to Regular Order

The Republican majority in the House has an extraordinary opportunity to lay out a comprehensive conservative blueprint for the first time in a generation. And, Speaker Ryan is intent on moving a “bold conservative agenda” in 2016. Heritage Action has asked Speaker Paul Ryan to deliver the keynote address at its third annual policy summit. Speaker Ryan will speak about ways to unite the conservative movement “around big ideas to save the American idea.” One such big idea is to restore the integrity of the legislative process. Regular order is an important safeguard for liberty and a constraint on Big Government.

A conservative agenda and building a movement around pro-liberty ideas must begin with the Congress keeping sacrosanct the legislative process. Otherwise we’re in for more of the same—no accountability and passing a bill to know what’s in the bill. Will Speaker Ryan lay his promise to rest? For the cause of liberty and moving forward with a “bold conservative agenda”, let’s hope that Paul Ryan is true to his word.